High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) power cable is a major back bone of the electric system. The reliability and safety of the electric power transmission system essentially depend upon the quality of the cable.

High voltage transmission cables have traditionally used paper/oil systems as the insulation. Years back, a variation of this paper insulation was developed, the material being a laminate of paper with polypropylene (PPP or PPLP). However since the advent of synthetic polymer, polyethylene (PE) and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) have been used as an insulation material. In most countries the use of polyethylene have been limited to the cross-linked version (XLPE) due to major advantage XLPE has over PE in that it enables the cables to be operated at a higher temperature and results in higher current carrying capacity.

Cross-linked polyethylene is also considered to be the material of choice due to its ease of processing and handling as compared to paper/oil. In addition, the low dielectric losses of cross-linked polyethylene which become increasingly important with increase in voltage as well as high intrinsic electrical strength makes it the favored material for the range of extra-high-voltage applications.

After elaborate research and extensive testing, Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Ltd. accepted cross-linked polyethylene as its standard insulation for high voltage and extra high voltage cables.

Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Ltd. is a leader in high voltage and extra high voltage power cables, with experience in manufacturing of such cables for nearly 40 years. We have state-of-the-art facilities that can produce high voltage underground cable with the rated voltage up to 245 kV. The cables have been stringently designed to meet if not exceed requirements of international standards such as IEC, ICEA, UL, DIN, VDE, AS/NZS, TIS, IS as well as other standards specified by customers. Materials used for manufacturing cables have been thoroughly selected with rigorous quality control systems so as to ensure the highest quality of cables.



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