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Production Facilities
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities:

Bangplee Plant
is one of the most modern wire and cable plants in Southeast Asia with world-class manufacturing capabilities. Built and specially designed in response to the increase in demand for wire and cable products, Bangplee plant incorporates the latest technology and highest quality control standards throughout the production process. At present, the complex features

A Vertical Continuous Vulcanization (VCV) Tower – the first vertical cross-link high voltage insulating unit in Southeast Asia and one of very few of its kind in the world, another catenary CV lines and a modern high voltage testing laboratory.

Aside from producing Medium, High, and Extra high voltage cables, the Bangplee facility also manufactures Low voltage power cables, Internal and External telecommunications cables, and Overhead line conductors.

Rayong Plant is specialized in automated, high-volume building wire production and capable of consolidating all PDITL’s building wire production activities into one single plant. The facility in Rayong province is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment with capacity to serve as manufacturing base for all kinds of low voltage power cables and industrial cables.operate.

One and only in Southeast Asia and highest VCV production line in Asia-Pacific


- With VCV Technology, conductor is centered for the highest level of safety.
- Clean room compound loading with technology of gravity feeding
- Triple Cross-Head Extrusion : to get rid of contaminations from environment
- Capable of produce Extra High Voltage XLPE Cables up to 245 kV and conductor sizes up to 2,500 mm2



International Standard Testing Lab


PDITL’s quality commitment begins with the careful scrutiny of raw materials and continues to testing of final products, where finish length of cable undergoes a series of rigorous tests to meet their specification criteria before being shipped to customers.


- Complete in-house Testing Lab for testing power cable up to 400 kV

- In-house Testing Lab for testing electrical cable under fire conditions





PDITL’s core competence

Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Limited is the industry leader in manufacturing of Wire and Cables in Thailand with experience and expertise for more than 48 years. We have a state-of-the-art factory with sophisticated production technology and advanced machinery with capability of producing the full range of medium voltage to extra high voltage cables.

We are capable of producing extra high voltage XLPE cables up to voltage of 245 kV. Furthermore, we are the only one in Thailand that can produce the highest size of cable going up to conductor size of 2,500 mm2. Especially manufacturing cables of conductor size 1,000 mm2 and higher is a case in point. These are commonly produced with Milliken construction with associated ability of higher current capacity as well as more flexibility as compared to traditional round compacted conductor of the same size. Additionally the factory is fitted with specialized machinery capable of producing two types of special sheath such as Corrugated Metal Sheath and Seamless Lead Sheath. Both types of sheat have properties of near-perfect moisture barrier an important characteristic requirement for Power Cables as these guarantee protection of cables in wet environment.  Moreover the advantage of Lead sheath is that it can protect the cable insulation from oil, chemicals and sulfides which makes it the preferred type for almost all petrochemical and refinery plants.

Milliken conductor, corrugated metal sheath and lead sheath need advance technology support, modern machinery and expertise of production. Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Limited is the one and only manufacturer in Thailand who are capable of manufacturing Cables with these special construction, enabling us to support and provide nearly all applications desired by the customers.


Raw Material

Each of raw materials is elaborately selected from specialized and reliable suppliers by concisely selection criteria and incoming inspection.


Because of best-in-class raw materials and manufactring proces, insulation employed on PDITL's wires and cables are ensured highest level of safety and quality over lifetime.



Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Limited possesses state-of-the-art technology of copper melting furnace producing high purity oxygen free copper rod. PDITL’s copper rod provides high conductivity of conductor and ensures best quality of wires and cables.

  • - PDITL’s products produce from 99.99% copper cathode (LME Grade A)
  • - Closed-copper Melting  System which reduce Oxygen ≤ 5 ppm
  • - Copper Conductivity > 101% IACS (above Standard)



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